Current date/location


Early October 2018

State Park (possibly Brighton)

MiMoMee - tentatively early October 2018

Hi there! Feel free to check out the proposed 2018 MiMoMee info, bearing in mind that the venue and date are subject to change. Go ahead and create an account for yourself while you're at it, so you can read and post topics on the forum. Please use your HQ nick (your most common public one that I'd recognize, if you're oft wont to besock) and I'll let you in as soon as I get the request notification. If I can't recognize your nick, I'll ask around the HQ first before I reject a request, so please just use your regular nick. 

If you're a lurker, you're extra-super welcome to come too! But, please shoot me an email (my address is always linked in my nick on the HQ) or track me down in late evening or weekend threads to pop up and let me know to expect the request. 

The email address you list for the account creation should be a real one, please. You'll need it to log in, and I promise to use it only for broadcast mailings regarding the MoMee. It is not visible to the public or other forum members, I won't provide it to anyone without your permissionunless she's hot, and I won't contact you personally unless you explicitly tell me to. Not "forgot to click the hidden opt-out button", but "hey, hogmartin, just send me a quick email, thanks, you erudite, virile, and charmingly modest sysadmin you".

Once you've got an account, go ahead and say hi over in yon forumStart off with where you'll be coming from.

 ïa, ïa,

-hogmartin ╭(;,;)╯