Thank you for making this happen!

Thank you all, advisors, contributors, and most of all plankowner attendees, for making the first-ever MiMoMe! 

Special thanks to AltonJackson, Muad'dib, bluebell, Ben Had, Weasel, and all of the fine 'ettes and gentlemorons who attended, wanted to attend, and wished us well. I hope to see you all again next time, as well as those who had to send regrets instead.

*hand salute*


Provisioning & Logistics

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Provisioning & Logistics

It's probably not too early to start thinking about food & provisions for the MiMoMe.  What is everyone planning for meals?

There is a Walmart & a Sam's Club fairly proximate to Island Lake, so it's not like we have to load out for the entire duration.  We'll be close to Brighton; so "sit down" meals are not out of reach.

I'm planning on bringing a couple of Coleman stoves & I can bring a Weber grille.  What other implements of destruction do we need?

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I really should go out there

I really should go out there some weekend and see what the site is like. I was assuming a firepit and at least one of those ubiquitous box-on-a-stand charcoal grills, but maybe I shouldn't assume.

Mostly, I'd been counting on proximity to Brighton (it's like 5 miles away) to just go stock up as needed. I don't mind running out for things once we realize we're out of ham krispies or something while we're there. I'll be sending out an RSVP request to everyone who's registered on the site shortly, to get a better idea of how many to plan for.

Also, six little door prizes just arrived at my door from Muad'dib and Bluebell today...

Yay door prizes!

Yay again.

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Can’t we just tailgate food?

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That's my thinking, Cheribebe; kinda a mash-up of tailgate / camping food

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Needful Things

We're going to need firewood for the bonwolf. I figure if we each pick up one or two of those small bundles of firewood from the convenience store we should be covered.

If you have one of those collapsible wagon/cart dealios, bring it.  It's about a five minute walk from parking to the acient cursed Indian burial ground cabin; a wagon or something will make the load in / load out easier.

I'm bringing a Coleman stove & a cast iron skillet & some other camp cooking gear. There's a "state park" grille at the site

Bring drinking water, Spam, M80s, ukuleles, & as much mercury as you can scrounge

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guntotinwacko has suggested

guntotinwacko has suggested El Azteco cheese dip on another thread. Imma make this happen. If you've never had El Az cheese dip, boy howdy. Stand by.

I claim dibs on any leftovers

I claim dibs on any leftovers! 

Bob Caka guntotinwacko

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Things that would be handy

For the bonfirewolf. These are things I don't personally have, or have enough to bring for everyone:

  • Folding camp chairs 
  • Awning/rain fly/open shelter. Doesn't have to be big, just something to put over one of the picnic tables so there's a little place with some protection for personal items.
  • Wood. The park is supposed to provide wood for the stove in the cabin, but that's just for heat. We're on our own for the actual firepit. Bringing wood from as far as Lansing or Detroit is right out, but Smokey the Park Guy on the phone said that Stockbridge is close enough - even though it's in another county. We can always go out for more, but it wouldn't hurt to start with a couple of supermarket bundles.
  • Camp lantern (electric or fuel)
  • Guitars, harmonicas, bodhrán, whatever you might want to noodle around with. DNR regulations prohibit ukuleles on all state lands.

For the fancy dinner at the grown-ups' table:

  • Pants

Go ahead and add anything you think we'll want but that you haven't got; someone might be able to bring it.

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Let there be light

I'm bringing an old school Coleman lantern (what will ruin our night vision until the Saturday before Thanksgiving)

I have a couple of camp stools that I'm bringing with me


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Things that would be handy pt.2


If you are coming out to the campsite, bring a flashlight

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