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Early October 2018

State Park (possibly Brighton)


Bonfire? State park campout? Tentative date: early October 2018


tent camping siteOK, so what do you guys think?

I was talking with demilurker Clyde_Shelton on the Saturday ONT and in discussing the lovely early autumn Michigan weather, he offhandedly mentioned bonfires. 

Whoa. When's the last time you've been to one? I think mine was Bellows AFS beach in like 2005.

Now, Lansing city park ordinances do mention that fires "are permitted only in picnic grills or designated areas" and that "Alcoholic beverages are not to be sold, consumed or possessed in an open container except in specific parks if a specific license is granted". So I'll call on Monday (9 July) and see if what we're trying to do is possible at a city park. There are some nice ones! They're also not too far out; a lot of them are in town right on the river.cabin and grounds

All Ingham county parks specifically disallow alcohol stronger than beer or wine. This doesn't include several of the parks - e.g. Lake Lansing South - which disallow any alcohol.

State parks are more promising. Many of them have campgrounds, so they expect you'll be building a fire in the fire ring, have a cooler out, things like that. The campgrounds have varied amenities: some are just clearings with a "vault toilet", others are prepared sites with handicapped-accessible restroom/shower buildings for every dozen sites and a 120VAC 'tree', and some are cabins with bunk beds and dining rooms. Sleepy Hollow State Park is about 25 minutes north of Lansing, but that puts it a little further away from the southeast Michigan contingent. It's starting to look like one of the parks further southeast is a better bet. Is anyone familiar with any of them? Would people prefer a longer all day (possibly overnight Friday to Saturday) event with a nighttime fire at a park, or a few hours at a restaurant instead? I'll open a poll here and a topic on the forum. It's only the beginning of July now, so take your time and think it over. 


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I like the idea of a state park.

Island Lake SP is in the Brighton area, East of US23, South of I-96, near Kensington MetroPark.  I've never been to the "park" side, but I've been to the shooting range several times (itsa very nice).

What about Rose Lake SP over in Leroy?  To quote Joe Walsh "Ain't never been there, they tell me it's nice"

There is a wealth of state parks / recreation areas in the Chelsea / Dexter area, roughly I-94 & M52.  I can go scout the amenities over the next several weekends.

There's always The Dam Site Inn in Hell, but that's not so proximate to the major freeways (or anything else, really)

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I suppose any of them should be fine. When I read Rose Lake, I thought, "wait, what's a Leroy? Rose Lake is in Bath..." but no, there's another. That one might be a bit far; it's 2 hours from Lansing, so tack on another hour for anyone coming from Detroit or Ann Arbor. Most of the people who have checked in are from Detroit or Ann Arbor, except for NaughtyPine from the thumb and myself (Lansing). Mikey NTH is about five miles from me and expressed interest by email but hasn't checked in to the site yet as far as I know. I think nerdygirl is from West Michigan but I don't remember where. We have some IN/OH commenters who might want to come too, though I haven't heard from them.

I had suggested Brighton because it's closer to the MIMoron geographical center, but I haven't been there and I'm not committed to it or anything. One thing I liked is that there are some cabins for rent cheap (maybe $10/person/night) and from the overhead maps it looks like they're within about 500-1k feet of each other. Depending on how many RSVPs we get and how soon, we could reserve at least 2 right next to each other so we have one for 'rons and one for 'ettes, or more depending on attendance. I don't mind sleeping on a bedroll, but I certainly don't mind sleeping on a cot under a roof either and I'm sure there are a few others who would appreciate the option. That said, it looks like Island Lake has a pair that sleep 20 each right next to each other too.

Oh, Jinx the Cat just checked in on the forum, better go say hi!